Lineage Farm Welcomes Charlie Rose

Winter Ways a-Wandering

Dear Members,

Today marks our baby's 15th day of life on this here Earth. For the most part it's been roses and rainbows, but the last four days were spent in the children's ICU hooked to oxygen and under the nurses' watchful eyes while a serious respiratory virus worked its way out of Charlie's system.

And it did – we are finally all safe and sound, healthy and oh so happy to be home again.

To take it back a couple weeks – Charlie was born on February 9th, at 10:37 AM, at home with my excellent midwife and her incredibly talented assistant. It was a beautiful, quick birth, with no complications, and Jon helped deliver the baby. Sam met his little brother just moments after the birth, after which he went on a well deserved "vacation" to his grandparents house half an hour away in Hudson. It was his first overnight trip without mom and dad, and apparently he enjoyed it so much that he decided to stay an extra day! He has been so steady through all this upheaval, but it will be good for all of us to find our new normal, our new rhythm.

So now we settle back into the swing of things – next week welcomes March, which means we will be seeding onions and celeriac in our greenhouse on Wednesday. I look forward to the peace of germinating seedlings, and pray that we have fulfilled our share of unexpected "excitement" for the year. If you have recently tried to contact us by email, please send it again to make sure we don't miss it as we gather ourselves from the past weeks' upheavals.

Please join today – visit our website for all the info. Your membership not only guarantees you a share of the summer and fall harvests; it also directly supports our farm and our family.

For health and strength and daily bread,
Your Farmers,
Jen, Jon, Big Brother Samuel, and Charlie Rose Salvatore Ronsani
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