Lineage Farm CSA Newsletter- Happy Spring!

For the Future

"Little Robin Red Breast
Sitting in a Tree –
Sings so merrily,
As merrily as can be…"

Dear Members, Neighbors, Friends and Family,

Lovely forerunners of Spring have been knocking on our doors these past weeks, despite the two feet of snow we are still crunching through in the yard and winter pasture. More and more birdsong fills the air. Robins flit about promising warmth to come. One even landed just by Charlie as we worked in the greenhouse starting our seeds, stopping just long enough to say hello but avoid my camera!

Our days are filling with busyness as they slowly lengthen. And our greenhouse is filling with newly sprouting seeds, the green babies of food to come. I always admire the ballerina-like grace of the unfurling onion, and the sturdy uprightness of centimeter tall brassicas (broccoli kale and cauliflower among what we have started so far). Many thanks to Hugh and Hanna of Threshold Farm for lending us space in their greenhouse the next couple weeks, when our greenhouse would otherwise be bursting out the door and into the snow with plant trays! Jon is quite bent on having plentiful harvests for you this season, doubling the onion and tomato plantings so that we all feel the abundance.

We are growing an experimental early crop in our open-ended high tunnel this spring, lettuce and kale and salad turnips and radishes and other greens, and if they grow well we will be excited to offer a longer season next year. We still have a few carrots, potatoes and butternut squashes that would round out shares quite nicely, they store so well!

If you haven't joined yet this year, please do! We get busier and busier as Spring rolls along toward summer. Technically those who have put down a deposit are not due to pay in full until May 1st, but you are welcome to send in the remaining balance at any time.

Sam is set on being our hardest worker this season (at least, when he's not set on exploring the woods or taming the chickens or baking biscuits). The greenhouse beckons with its warm sunniness, but after he warms up he's likely to jump into the snow bank outside and need a dry set of clothes.

Charlie is pretty mellow these days, also enjoying the heat in the greenhouse for his many many naps. Or is early infancy just one long nap with intermittent milk moments? His eyes stay open longer each day, and I love how he grows visibly at this age. Six weeks old! Amazing how quickly life changes. Is time a line, with important historical and life moments, a circle with daily and seasonal and generational cycles? Or perhaps a wheel traveling, cycling sometimes smoothly and sometimes on a bumpy road…

Planting trees early in spring,
we make a place for birds to sing
in time to come. How do we know?
They are singing here now.
There is no other guarantee
that singing will ever be.
– Wendell Berry

Happy National Ag Day!
Thank you from Your Farmers,
Jen, Jon, Little Sam and Big Charlie

The Real Work

It may be that when we no longer know what to do we have come to our real work, and that when we no longer know which way to go we have come to our real journey.
The mind that is not baffled is not employed.
The impeded stream is the one that sings.

-Wendell Berry
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