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Mud Muffins and a Thunderstorm

Dear Members, Neighbors, Friends and Family,

What a great beginning for this season's farm crew! Nina and Babacar joined us on Monday, and have been busy spreading compost and planting spinach, lettuce, Bok Choi, kale, and Chard in the high tunnel, potting up the peppers, eggplants, tomatoes and celeriac in the greenhouse, and learning how to drive our big orange tractor. It's going to be a superb season, I can just feel it in my toes.

Sam is staying busy too, and was aghast that I wanted him to rest and stay inside one windy day when he had come down with a cold – "I need to work!" he cried. May his current work ethic continue into teenagerdom and beyond! Just not to the detriment of his health. I think he also enjoys stirring up the mud puddles and experimenting with impromptu bark boats while he's out there…

Besides his ordinary duties, Jon has been hot on the trail of some new (for us) used equipment that will help create some efficiencies we have been lacking – and also allow us to greatly reduce tillage. One of his quarries is a power harrow that would make beds in one pass of the tractor with one implement, instead of our current 4-5 tractor passes with 3 different implements. And as an added bonus, it is kinder to the soil biota too, as it is not inverting layers of soil and only working the top two inches when making a seed bed.

We will be launching our 2017 Good Food for Hudson fundraiser soon. Entering our third year of this initiative, we hope to continue to serve the 50+ low income families in Hudson with farm fresh veggies, Camphill Copake bread, and organic eggs from Hearty Roots Farm. Thanks to all who have already sent donations via our online store and on our paper commitment forms!

And a special welcome to our new Philmont members – Jon cut his biodynamic farming teeth under Hugh and Hanna's tutelage, working at Threshold for five years before starting Lineage Farm. We hope to continue and expand our collaboration with them in the years to come!

In the wake of a storm that blew over the chicken coop twice (this hill is seriously that windy!),
Your Farmers,
Jen, Jon, Sam and Charlie,
Nina and Babacar
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