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Dear Members,

July is upon us! Happy Summer, y'all. The crops are growing strong, as are the weeds. Anyone feels up to hoeing for an hour is welcome!
Zephyr, our summer squash of choice has kicked in full force this week. In another week, the zucchini will join them. The cucumbers are a little slow to get started but should be good and juicy and plentiful in a couple weeks. And oh the sets on those tomatoes! The early ones will be ripe in a couple weeks, and then oh the summer snacking!
The carrots will continue to share their sweet crunch for the remainder of the summer, though beets look like their presence may be spotty this season, so catch as catch can! Seems like something enjoys eating chenopods in this garden, so the same goes for chard and spinach, though that will hopefully change as the temperatures change in the fall. Garlic harvest begins soon too!
August will bring more treats – peppers, eggplants, the big beef steak tomatoes, and if we planted enough for the raccoons we will have a good bounty to share of this year's trial crop, sweet corn.
August will also ring in the onions and the potatoes.
A student from the Oral History Summer School interviewed me and Sammy the other day. Sam's main contribution was asking when she was gonna go home – he didn't appreciate needing to stay quiet for such a sensitive microphone. You might not know it the first few times you meet him, but he is definitely the most garrulous member of our little family! And adventurous, when it comes to climbing and exploring. Charlie is more a vicarious
explorer at the moment, but Sam assures me that he will be big soon.
Bigger and bigger –
Your Farmers,
Jen, Jon, Sam and Charlie
Nina and Babacar

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