Lineage Farm CSA news – Fall Shares Sign up Now!

Dear Members,
We are deep into September and it finally feels like late summer, after such a chilly start.
The fall share sign ups are now available online, and each site should also have paper copies for offline signing up. There are only five pick ups left, including today, so if you want to continue getting our veggies into December do let us know asap! Our decision deadline is October 1st, and we need enough members by then to make it feasible to continue this fall.
On the farm, Sam has taken over crew leadership, showing Nina and Babacar just how to broadfork and rake smooth the high tunnel beds. The tomato plants came out last week to make room for escarole and spinach, and we have a few trays of green and red tomatoes left to distribute. Charlie just started crawling, so no doubt will be high tailing it down the garden beds keeping up with his big brother. Sam has taken on independent harvesting, carrying his own harvest crate and filling it with baby boc choi or turnips, adamant that he does not need help carrying it. Incredible to think he will (already? only?) be four years old in December.
It looks like we will have a kubocha squash harvest this year! One of my favorite varieties, but very susceptible to pest pressure – the beetles have taken them down every year since 2011.
Please sign up today.
Your Farmers,
Jen, Jon, Sam and Charlie,
Nina and Babaca
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