How do we farm?

As Farmers, we work to become aware of the subtleties in nature, to not view nature as a series of disparate parts unrelated to one another.  Plants come to be known as sense organs of the earth.  If a farm is showing unhealthy plants, simply making them bigger by spraying them with fertilizer or killing off the pests with insecticide will not solve the land’s underlying, long-term health and sustainability concerns.

The holistic farmer will look to many variables when working to support the soil health and farm vibrancy of the land they steward.  What crops were in this spot before, are other plants hindering growth, when were the plants sown or transplanted, was the compost right?  All of the inquiries make for a holistic approach to farming.


We have chosen, as stewards of this earth we work, to avoid all use of chemical fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and so on; nor do we grow or support any genetically modified crops through our practices.

For the consumer, this means that you are eating the most nutrient dense food available.  Fertilized with compost prepared with chamomile, oak bark, nettle, dandelion, and yarrow, the vegetable plants are able to take up what they need from the environment, and use it.  This practice makes for healthy soil, which supports the growth of healthy food, which in turn makes for healthy people.  Food is something that directly connects people to their environment.  Cutting the plant off from its environment, by giving it artificial fertilizer, pesticide, and herbicide, deprives us from getting to know our environment.  We hope to re-introduce you, for it is a relationship worth nurturing.

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  1. I am Jen’s aunt in Nebraska. Congratulations and best wishes on your new partnership together, Jen and Jon. I look forward to more great CSA writing and endeavors on Lineage Farm website ! Love, Judy. 6.13.2012

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