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Access to affordable, fresh produce has long been an issue in Hudson for low-income families.  Good Food for Hudson seeks to address this disconnect between the bounty grown in Columbia County, and the people in Columbia County who cannot afford local food.  For 5 months next summer, Lineage Farm will provide weekly Vegetable Farm Shares to 55 low-income families in Hudson at no or low cost to them. Next season, families will also receive locally baked bread and eggs from local, pastured hens.  In order to cover the farms’ costs for producing and delivering these vegetables, eggs, and bread, we seek to raise $25,000 by May 30th, 2018.  We hope you will join us in bringing Good Food to Hudson by contributing an amount of personal significance.

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Farming is one of the most fundamental and necessary of all services. 

Eating is one of the most fundamental and necessary of all human rights.

Throughout my life, I have always wanted to get at what is most essential.  Soil, seed, sun, rain.  That is it.  Take any one of those out, and every single person’s life will be forever changed.

I remember being called upon in Hudson High School to read Robert Frost’s poem, “After Apple Picking.”  Word after word resounded crystal clear in my soul.  Little did high school me know that, ten years later, as part of my five season apprenticeship at a farm and orchard in Claverack, NY, I too would feel the ache in my instep and be so tired from the harvest we all desired.  That apprenticeship gave me the building blocks to start my own farm in 2011.  Reading Frost’s poem as a 16 year old, I had not the slightest insight that I would be growing food for hundreds of families.

The Organic Farming movement has brought many inspired people to Columbia County, and it brings me great joy to see what they are doing.  I was born and raised in Hudson, NY, and I can see that there is a need in my community which is not being met.  I would like to share the gifts I have received; the simple gifts of growing food, that can bring happiness to the hearts of many.

To my community, I would like to offer fresh vegetables grown by me, my wife, and our farm crew, to those families who do not otherwise have access to fresh vegetables.  The families are here; we have over 50 families who say they would like to receive a weekly share of our vegetables during the growing season.  All of them live in low income neighborhoods of Hudson.  All of them know the difficulties in finding or being able to afford fresh local produce.

We will offer seasonal produce that changes over the weeks, starting with tender spring greens, moving to heat loving cucumbers, beans, zucchini, tomatoes and peppers, and winding down with earthly roots and winter squash in the fall.  All families will enjoy over 40 different vegetables over 20 weeks.  The food will be delivered to those who cannot travel to our Upper Warren Street distribution site.

I hope this project will be a start to bringing the bounty of our Hudson Valley for all to enjoy.  We cannot, however, simply donate the produce.  Just like any small family business, we need to keep ahead of our expenses to stay in business.  The goal of this project is to raise enough to cover the cost of bringing this food to Hudson.  This amount would cover our costs involved in growing and distributing our produce to the 50+ Good Food For Hudson members families.  Many of our Farm Share Members will contribute to this program, but we also need the support of our community.

For those who are interested in donating:

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2 thoughts on “Good Food For Hudson

  1. Hello – I am curious if you are also applying for grant funding to help you reach your $22k goal – Kellogg Fdn/United Way, for example, or more local funding like the Healthy Food for All initiative from the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation?

    • Hi Stephanie,
      Yes, we are also applying for the Berkshire Taconic Grant in conjunction with Hawthorne Valley Farm and others, working on short and long term responses to food insecurity. We are also holding a benefit concert hosted by Aaron Dessner of The National at Club Helsinki Hudson next Wednesday May 25th. More info at

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