I often get asked, why do I want to farm? For me, the answer is simple; food is my way to connect with people. My relationship to food started with cooking. Until I started cooking, eating was just something that happened three times a day. Watching my mother cook was something I enjoyed very much. The way different ingredients came together to make a meal always seemed like a magic trick. The full impact of food came to me after I made a meal that everyone could enjoy.

The whole atmosphere of the evening changed, just by food.

These cooking experiences made me want to learn more about food. In learning about food, I uncovered a rich family history. I heard stories of my grandfather and his brothers coming home from a day working in the woods with a couple of rabbits they caught. Their sisters would then get a big pot of polenta cooking and slow-cook the brothers’ catch in tomato sauce for the night meal. Or how my great grandfather, the “banana king” of Hudson, would bring his horse drawn wagon down to the river to pick up his order and on his way up Warren Street, would drop off bushels of bananas to the local merchants.

I look forward to growing you the best produce around and hearing our future stories unfold.

Jon Ronsani